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10 Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity Everyone Should Know


9- Fatigue & Weakness:

With infection from molds taking over the respiratory system, the body has decreased inflow of oxygen. Oxygen is responsible for burning down the glucose content in the food and turning it into energy. Additionally, blood transports oxygen to different parts of the body. The decreased inflow of oxygen causes weakness and fatigue with time calling for mold remediation.

8- General Symptoms:

Apart from the highly noticeable symptoms from mold intoxication, generally observed indicators include fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, sudden weight loss or gain, intolerance to chemicals and fragrance, nose bleeds, declined depth perception, light sensitivity, sweet cravings, etc.

7- Neurological Symptoms:

Often observed a pricking pain in your head post-mold infestation in your house? Maybe it’s just from a change in the environment or anything else. It is important that you should get yourself checked for any remnants of mold infection. Even days post the mold removal; it can stay in your system for months causing neurological issues such as stabbing headaches, numbness, weakness, tingling, dizziness, tremor, and nerve pain.

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