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Top 10 home exercises for strong abs


8 Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks help improve your core strength, endurance, and flexibility. This exercise specifically is effective in targeting your lower abs, since it’s the hardest part of your abdomen to burn down. This exercise also helps in slimming down your waist.

This exercise seems fairly easy, but much more challenging to execute. First, lie down on your back and place your hands on your side. It’s better to lie down on a mattress to avoid back pain when doing this exercise. Next, do a scissor movement with your feet and stack your feet alternatively on top of one another. Continue doing this for as long as you can.

7 Stability Mountain Ball Climber

The stability ball mountain climbers exercise is a different variety of mountain climbers. This isn’t just a core exercise, but a cardiovascular exercise as. As effective as the regular mountain climbers may be, it may seem fairly easy which is why this exercise is good to increase the challenge. With the inclination of the ball in your mountain climber exercise, this raises your heartbeat more and tends to burn more calories.

To start off, position yourself in a plank with your hands placed on top of a ball. As you’re in this position, bring your right knee forward just below your chest, while maintaining your left foot on the ground. Do the same for your left knee and repeat this for as many times as you can.

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